Dan and I aren’t exactly huge animal lovers, but I’m grateful for this visitor. We are pretty sure it is  helping with the vegetable eating critters we’ve had in the past. It is getting a bit less skittish with me, but I don’t pet it and it doesn’t ask for that. I guess we both know that neither of us is ready to get too close!



Today was the day Dan and I were to pick my brother Greg and sister-in-law Jan up from the airport and drive to Tahoe. Some of our kids would meet us there, along with my sister, her kids and families, my brother Timothy and sister-in-law Margaret and possibly some from their family. Also Jan’s brother and sister-in-law were coming.

Alas, Covid-19 put a stop to it all.

So what am I grateful for? Tons. Here are just a few things—

Family, of course (and missing them all horribly).
All the other people in our country who are sacrificing vacations for the health and safety of themselves and others (SO many aren’t complying with the advice to stay home and I find that perplexing).
The fact that I can shelter in place in such a wonderful area.
And memories. I am very very thankful for memories of past trips.

Here are a few photos from those trips …



Brooklyn_Bridge,_12.27.13_(B&W)Hearts_&_Leaves,_9.1.18---Walking to the Cathédral Notre-Dame de Chartres, 9.4.18